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The Boy Called Pete
Ugit Rifai

One silent morning; no chirping birds, no blowing wind, no shining sun, no brewing coffee. Pete was awaken. Neither was he awaken by the noisy sound nor by the trembling shake. He was awaken by the unusual silence he felt in his restless dream. However, no matter unusual the morning was, Pete found it quite relieving to be awake.
Breakfast had always been downstairs. So, down he came. To his disappointment, nothing was served. If you had been there, you would’ve seen his extreme disappointment for there were neither even chairs nor dining tables could be found. Only a spacious empty room filled with silence. Not even a squeak of a mouse.
But not for long the silence did stay. There was a big glass-breaking sound at the front door with a whirling ball getting inside. A boy aged eight then came in with a frightened look on the face.
“Excuse me. I just want to take my ball back.”
Still nothing.
The boy was getting nearer to the ball when..
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..” a very loud scream was heard from every where.
The boy grabbed the ball in no time and tried to escape when he found out the door was locked. Then, all of a sudden, there was another little hand grabbing the boy’s left arm.
There was Pete.
“Over here,” said Pete.
They ran and got into another big room with dust and smell of burnt things. There, they hid inside a wardrobe.
“Ssshh.. be quiet. I’m Pete,” said Pete introducing himself.
“I’m Kevin. Call me Kev,” said the boy.
“Okay, Kev. Look, you have to get out of this house before the bell rings,” said Pete.
“Www… what bell? Wwww… what’s happening?” asked Kev.
“You’ll find out later. Just do what I say. That way you’ll be safe,” said Pete.
As things seemed to be fine, they got out of the wardrobe and started to sneak around the room and find a little space for the little Kev to get out of this house. They checked every corner of the room and found nowhere to escape. Then, in tiresome, they both sat down on different corners of the room. The room then turned as silent as it had been, even more.
Tick tock! Tick tock!
Pete could hear the clock ticking very clearly as he remembered something.
“Come on! Let’s find another way out! The bell’s ringing in a minute,” said Pete dragging Kev heading the room door.
“Wait! My ball. I need to…”
Dang! Dang!
The two little boys froze as they heard a loud banging noise just at the room door. Kev got frightened as he had got before, even more. But, no matter what, he managed himself to get his ball as he found out a small hole hidden behind his ball.
“Get in the hole!” cried Pete as he held the door with his firm little hands.
The banging sound was still there louder and louder.
Kev tried to get his head into the small hole, but it didn’t fit. So, he tried to get his feet instead. All in a very quick move, he managed to get half of his body outside the house. Only his arms, his head, and of course the ball were still inside.
Dang! Dang! Dang!
“I can’t stand it anymore. Save yourself, Kev!” cried Pete.
But, alas, Kev was stuck. He couldn’t move his body to any direction.
Crash! The room door fell down. Then, suddenly there appeared a big black shadow of a grown-up with his hands holding a baseball stick. Swinging…
“Aaaaaaa…” Kev cried as loud as he could with his eyes closed.
Then silence.
Kev wasn’t sure if he was alive. So, he tried to open his eyes very slowly when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
“Relax. It’s me, Uncle Joe. What are you doing here, Kev? Lying on the ground just by yourself and crying out loud like you’re about to die?”
“Um, nothing. Let’s just go home,” asked Kev.
So, away they went. On the way home, Uncle Joe started a conversation with a tale Kev had never heard.
“You know what? That filthy ground you were lying on, there used to be a house. When I was 10, there was a fire on that house. All of the people living there couldn’t save themselves. They were all dead, including my friend and his fierce dad.”
“What’s your friend’s name?”
“Peter. We called him Pete.”

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