Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plan Format
>> warm-up
>> presentation
>> controlled practice
>> free practice
>> feedback

- telling a short story
- asking students questions
- playing a song in the background
- drawing an elaborate picture on the board

- reading selection
- soliciting students' knowledge about a specific point
- teacher centered explanation
- listening selection
- short video
- student presentation

#controlled practice
- provide students direct feedback on their comprehension of the task at hand
- should help the students focus on the main task and provide them with feedback

#free practice
Integrates the focus structure/vocab/functional language into students' overall language use.
- small group discussions
- written work (paragraphs and essays)
- longer listening comprehension practice
- games
note: should encourage students to integrate the language learned into larger structure

Allow students to check their understanding of their lesson's topic
- ask students questions about the target structures
- have students discuss the target structures in small groups
- give students the chance to improve their skill

*simplified from esl.about.com
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